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Kayla Burke has an eternal love for art, nature and handcraft. Fusing these elements together to create one of a kind products. Each Flora Crystal encapsulates the beauty of nature and preserves it for an eternity. . Kayla grew up foraging through the woods of Missouri, using nature as her canvas for self expression and art. Now based in Portland, OR where nature continues to be an inspiration for her designs. All flora and moss is harvested from the Pacific Northwest or grown in her own backyard. Kayla has a diverse background in Interior Design, Architectural Lighting Design, Product Development and Fine Art.

Burke spent her mid-20's battling Lymphoma cancer. When she was finally able to put the battle behind her, she had one thing on her mind; 'Life is short and I want be spend every second I have left doing what I am passionate about.' Kayla Burke Design was launched while undergoing rigorous treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and long hospital stays. "Launching the company during the most crucial time in my life and seeing my dreams unfolding kept me living, got me excited and gave me something to look forward to everyday." Burke says. "It sharpened my prospective of life. I am very emotionally connected to this company."

Burke wants everyone to find inspiration in nature, to gain a stronger appreciation for natural materials and to learn how to turn your passions into tangible work. Continue Shopping